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Casting Sand History

In the 17th century, China has use silica sand molding materials for the manufacture of clocks, glasses, POTS and artillery and other castings. But early used to contain clay natural silica sand is sand and river sand, it has good plasticity, can be directly used in the manufacture of mold and core, suitable for manual production conditions at that time. After casting into the industrialized mass production, especially after modelling mechanization, this kind of natural silica sand containing clay homogeneity is poor, the performance of the quality of molding sand is hard to control, can not meet the requirement of the process, so start building sand factory.

Of natural silica sand washing, scrub, select, get all kinds of high quality silica sand. Or will be made of artificial silica sand silica and broken. At the same time, also to expand the use of all kinds of silica sand. Resin sand molding application and development of core making process, the quality of foundry sand and put forward the higher request, such as powder, small specific surface area, low acid value of consumption. In addition, the shape and particle size distribution of sand grain size also has a new request. Some countries also use silica sand flotation technology in order to improve the taste and quality of silica sand.


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