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Advantage of Ultra-Low Density Ceramsite Sand

1. Improve the transport ability of fracturing fluid, the effects of reduced because of the ceramsite sand sedimentation, effectively increase the fracturing distance, improve the regional flow conductivity, eventually to increase production.

2. Low density, light weight, high strength, compared with the ordinary ceramsite sand, it has lower sedimentation rate.
3. In the case of broken resistance must, ultra-low density ceramsite sand has the stronger the ability to combine with other substances. For example, in the open hole horizontal well downhole gravel filling, improve filling coverage, thus effectively remove near wellbore zone of reservoir pollution, improve the oil well production.

4. Economic benefits: ceramsite sand is to press tons of buying used in cubic. In the purchase of a certain weight ceramsite sand, under the condition of body density of 1.45 g/cm after ceramsite sand volume is significantly greater than the body tightly is 1.65 g/cm after ceramsite sand volume, namely the buyer will get more ceramsite sand (about 10%). In other words, at the same price when using the same cubic ceramsite sand fracturing, equivalent to ultra-low density ceramsite sand about 10% cheaper than ordinary ceramsite sand.


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