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The lost foam ceramsite is a Nice Foundry Sand(Baozhusha in Chinese pronounciation) which is made from high-alumina in the molten state by spray process to get recrystallized sand. It is an artificial casting sand with the features of dense structure, spherical grain shape and small surface area.

Lost foam processing foundry sand can be washed quartz sand or sea sand. Compared with NFS, it has disadvantages in dust volatilization, sand sticky degree and expansion coefficient. So NFS in EPC is fully replace the ordinary quartz sand with unparalleled advantages of easy sand clean, easy dust removal, high refractoriness and high castings precision.

The 8-12 mesh lost foam ceramsite is used for lost foam processing with excellet high temperature tolerance, good ventilation, easy collapsing, anti-acid erosion, low broken rate, etc.It is cost effective compared with chromite sand, zircon sand, and has less pollution to the environment with high casting quality. So it is now recognized an ideal new foundry sand with very broad prospects.
Why Yuanyang?

1. By the product test of oil exploration and development research institute of China, each performance data has reached the industry leading level and completely meet the standards of SY/T5108-2006 and SY/T6302-1997.

2. Yuanyang ceramics have been recognized by casting experts at home and abroad. Our products has exported to Japan, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and other countries.

3. We are not a trading company, we are the manufacturer. So you can enjoy best price, discount on large order, short delivery time and fast shipping.

4. Second to none services. We are the manufacturer, so we are able to figure out the failures and help you out.

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why yuanyang

Through our unremitting efforts over the years, fused ceramsite sand has been recognized by casting experts in both domestic and international. Fused ceramsite sand produced by Gongyi Yuanyang Ceramsite Co., Ltd. has exported to Japan, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and other countries.

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