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30/50 High Strength Oil Fracture Ceramic Proppant



1. High strength & good conductivity
2. Tested by proptester
3. STIM report provided
4. High permeability
5. Improve oil output by 30%
6. Extend product service life

Oil fracture ceramic proppant of different grades are produced using bauxite as raw material, an advantaged resource in China, though a process consisting of batching, grinding, granulating, drying and firing. It has characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, excellent conductivity, etc.

We use bauxite raw material and clinker for the production of proppant, with special accessories mateiral such as Dolomite, manganese powder, phosphorus ore, Bentonite to obtain high-strength ceramic proppant with low breakage rate.

Why Us?

1. Ceramisite proppant has the features of high strength, good conductivity, smooth surface and even size;
2. Stim report can be provided;
3. We are working with 3 research institutes in China and has developed a variety of production techniques. Main products: low, medium and high-density ceramic sand, covering 0.212--0.85 specifications;
4. Yuanyang has a central laboratory and three professional laboratory, which is capable of carrying out inspecting, chemical analysis, instrumental analysis and physical testing analysis of raw materials, process products and semi-finished products;
5. Simulate qualitative and quantitative tests of new specifications for customers to meet the final industrial production requirements;
6. Favorable price, fast shipping, short production cycle and short delivery time.

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Through our unremitting efforts over the years, fused ceramsite sand has been recognized by casting experts in both domestic and international. Fused ceramsite sand produced by Gongyi Yuanyang Ceramsite Co., Ltd. has exported to Japan, the United States, Germany, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia and other countries.

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